JavaScript Charting and Metric Insights

This article gives general overview of JavaScript charting. Metric Insights enables you to chart your data using any available JavaScript charting libraries by one of the following methods:

  • Using the JavaScript charting feature within Metric Insights itself
  • Hosting your favorite JavaScript charts on your servers and access the data remotely from your Metric Insights instance

All JavaScript Libraries are supported.  Metric Insights comes preloaded with JavaScript libraries for d3, Highcharts, Google, nvd3 and others. If the one you want is not included,  then you can add any JavaScript library to Metric Insights.

Each of the approaches that you can use are described below.

Video Tutorial

1. Use JavaScript Charts already included in Metric Insights

Metric Insights includes d3, Highcharts, google, nvd3 and several other JavaScript libraries. For each of these, Metric Insights includes chart types to use such as Line, Time series, Geographic, Pie, Bar, and others. Below is a picture of several in action.

2. Use JavaScript Charts already included in Metric Insights

3. Extend existing JavaScript Charts

The JavaScript charts included in Metric Insights are there for you to use. If you find that you'd like to extend them, add different colors or change how they behave, then you can make changes to the JavaScript chart yourself. We offer the Javascript Chart Template Editor  where you can modify the JavaScript code or add your own CSS for styling. We also allow parametrization of the chart, so you can add or use variables for substituting in parameters.

4. Create your own JavaScript Chart types in Metric Insights

We provide a basic set of JavaScript charting libraries with several existing chart types.  To expand your options easily by inserting your JavaScript code and including some some CSS styling.  You are then ready to use the modified approach.

5. Create your own JavaScript Chart types in Metric Insights from whole new libraries

If your favorite charting library is not included, you can add it to Metric Insights. All JavaScript libraries are supported.

For example, add Rickshaw charting that is based on d3. Just add the JavaScript library files including .js and .css files and create the chart types you want.  You are then ready to start charting with your favorite JavaScript charts.

6. Use your JavaScript Charts outside of Metrics Insights

You can run your JavaScript charts outside of Metric Insights on your own servers and also leverage all the benefits of having your data in Metric Insights.