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Overview of Hosting JavaScript charts externally

Here is an overview on hosting your own JavaScript charts on your own website. You can run your JavaScript charts outside of Metric Insights on your own servers, but then leverage all the benefits of having your data in Metric Insights.

Example of external hosting

Metric Insights has an example web site that hosts JavaScript charting on its own, but then grabs the data to chart from your Metric Insights instance.

How it's done

Metric Insights has an API that allows remote access to data. The method is securely controlled by token management. You control access to which external sites can access your data. Then from the external site you pass a username and shared secret information, and the Metric Insights application returns a short lived token. Your website then uses that token to access data from your Metric Insights instance.

How it's done

Secure access control

From your Metric Insights application you can choose which websites are allowed to have access. You also manage username and shared secret information from here.

Example of your External Chart

Here's an example of your JavaScript Charting source code hosted on your external website. It makes a call to Metric Insights to get the data using the short lived token that was returned from the previous access call using username and shared secret

Your externally hosted chart

Here is the final result of your JavaScript chart hosted on an external website, but accessing your Metric Insights data remotely.