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Create Dynamic Pivot Table Chart (Version 4)

In many cases your reports will return multiple columns of data that you will want to scrutinize at different category levels on the fly.

Dynamic Pivot Table Charts allow you to quickly sort, filter and re-arrange chart data to meet your everyday requirements.

This article provides a step by step example of the process used to create a Dynamic Pivot Table Chart.

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1. Choose an existing Report or create a new one

  1. In the report editor, select Report Content tab.
  2. Add a new Chart.

2. Enter Chart Definitions

Enter Chart Definitions
  1. Select Report Result Set as the data to be charted.
  2. Choose Dynamic Pivot Table as the Chart type.
  3. Select Use Column Header Values as the X-axis value.


3. Full Chart Editor Displays

  1. Enter a meaningful Name.
  2. Set X-axis definitions.  Specify Use Column Header Values to return all columns.
  3. Set Y-axis definitions.
  4. Set Chart Content options.

4. Add any desired Chart Filters

  1. Navigate to the Chart Filters tab.
  2. Add New column filter.

4.1. Set any Filter selections

Set any Filter selections
  1. Select Column.
  2. Choose Filter.
  3. Input Value.


Note that this step is optional since the Dynamic Pivot Table Chart provides filtering capabilities.

5. Save and Publish

6. Chart is displayed in Report Viewer

7. Customize your Chart

7.1. Drag and drop columns to analyze data

7.2. Filter Results

7.3. Change the Chart type