Create Google Geo Chart

This article provides a step by step example of how to create a Google GeoChart.

A Geochart is a map of a country, continent, or region. In the region mode, it colorizes whole regions such as countries, provinces, or states.

Google documentation on GeoChart API can be found at

1. Choose a Report that contains region data

Choose a report that includes region data. In this example the country column contains the region data.

2. Adjust Display Name for chart columns

Ensure that the Display Name for the columns that you will be charting do not contain spaces

3. Add the Chart

  1. Navigate to the Charts and Pivots tab
  2. Click + Chart button

3.1. Select Chart type

Select Chart type
  1. Select Google Geo for Chart type


4. Full Chart Editor Displays

  1. Set Chart Name
  2. Select Region data column as X-axis values
  3. Set X-axis title
  4. Set Y-axis title

Save & preview

5. Review Chart

If the chart meets expectations:

  1. Close preview
  2. Update live report

6. Completed Chart Displays in Report Viewer