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Create Google Line Chart from Pivot Table

In many cases your reports return multiple columns of data. If you want to create simple two axis reporting on this data with a JavaScript chart, you can create a Pivot Table on the report and then associate a chart with that Pivot Table.

This article provides a step by step example of creating a Google Line chart using the results from a pivot table.

Google documentation on the Line Chart API can be found at

1. Select a Report

2. Add Pivot

  1. Navigate to Charts and Pivots tab
  2. Click Add Pivot button

3. Define Pivot Parameters

  1. Select Row Values
  2. Choose Column to Aggregate


4. Full Pivot Editor Displays

  1. Input a meaningful Name
  2. Adjust any values on the Pivot Editor


5. Associate a Chart with the Pivot Table

  1. Navigate to the Pivot Charts tab
  2. Click New Chart button

5.1. Select Chart Type

  1. Select Google Line as Chart type


6. Full Chart Editor Displays

  1. Input a meaningful name for your chart
  2. Optionally edit X-axis title
  3. Optionally edit Y-axis title

Save & publish

7. Chart Displays in Report Viewer