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Create Highcharts Line Chart - Time Series

This article provides a step y step example of creating a Highcharts Time Series Line chart.

Documentation on HighCharts Line Chart API can be found via the following links:

Note: Report & Chart Editor formats are slightly different for Version 3

1. Choose a Report that contains a Time Series

In this example, the calendar_date column contains the time series data. Data collected should e limited to two columns. If you have a report with more than two columns, you can create a Pivot Table to limit the data to two columns.

2. Add the Chart

From the Report Content tab, click the "+ Chart" button.

3. Choose Highcharts Line

Select Highcharts Line for Chart type.


4. Full Chart Editor displays

  1. Enter a unique Name for the chart

Save & Publish

5. Chart is Published and displayed in Report Viewer