How to share your Favorites folder

Beginning with Release 5.2.0, Sharing Favorite Folders has been replaced with a more sophisticated way of Sharing Folders.  See new updated functionality in Understanding Folders (new in Release 5.2)

This lesson will show how you can share one of your Favorite Folders with either individuals or groups of individuals. You can specify if the Users may 'maintain' their own versions of the folder - thus allowing them to delete and add elements on their HomePage.

When you share a folder, all options which you have set including sorting and summary comparisons will be propagated to folders you have shared. Users are free to alter these options for their own version to control Digest frequency and contents.

After initial sharing, any tiles added or deleted from your folder will cause the same elements to be added or deleted from all shared folders.

Changes made to the various display option for the Digest will not be propagated to those already sharing the Favorites folder.  There is also an option, 'Re-Share',  that allows you to completely replace the shared folder(s) with all new options and elements. Please note: this will remove any changes that other users have made to their version of the shared folder.

Users are restricted to sharing Favorite Folders with those Groups of which they are members. There is an additional restriction that only Administrators can share folders with the 'Default Group'.

1. [Option 1] Via the Homepage

[Option 1] Via the Homepage
  1. Select one of your favorite folders at the Homepage
  2. At the top right corner of the screen open the Manage menu
  3. Select the Share Folder option

1.1. [Option 2] Via My Preferences > My Favorites

[Option 2] Via My Preferences > My Favorites
  1. In My preferences menu below your username select My Favorites
  2. The list of your Favorite Folders opens
  3. Select the folder

2. Click the 'Add User or Group' button

Click the 'Add User or Group' button

3. Complete 'Share Favorite' pop-up

 Complete 'Share Favorite' pop-up
  1. You must use the 'Share as' field to select a different name for your folder when it appears on other user's Homepage. This name must be unique across the system. The folder name will not change on your Homepage
  2. Toggle between User and Group to vary the pick-list in next field
  3. A  Pick-list of either all Users or all  Groups of which you are a member will appear for selection (NOTE: 'Default Group' will only appear in Pick-list for Admin Users)
  4. You may allow others to update the contents of this folder on their own Homepage if you wish. Please see details regarding this at Implications of Sharing a folder that other can maintain
  5. You can also select to copy the format you have created in your Grid view

4. You will see entries populated in your Share List

You will see entries populated in your Share List
  1. You can repeat this process to add more users and groups
  2. Exit via the Done button
  3. Or send this Favorite folder via email to all shared accounts

5. Your folder will now appear on their Homepages with a different name

Your folder will now appear on their Homepages with a different name
  1. When Anna hovers-over the folder name on their Homepages, the system will display that the folder is owned by Abby.
  2. In this example, you can see the Grid view that Abby requested to be preserved. Anna can change now change the Grid view if desired.

NOTE: All Settings from Abby's folder will be copied to the shared folders; this may cause a Favorites digest to be generated for the other Users.

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