Why don't my Element tiles, tables and charts have a currency symbol?

If you expect to have a Currency Symbol and it does not appear on your Report' or Metric, there are multiple settings that you can check to determine what needs to be changed in order to ensure the display.  

The following factors play a role in what Currency Symbol appears preceding a Report's numeric column display on the tile, tables and charts

  • Configuration Parameter:  There is an parameter in Config Variables that holds the default currency symbol for your instance; e.g., $ sign for our US-based customers. To edit this, please link here
  • Display Masks:  Display masks can be explicitly assigned to a Report's Result Set's numeric Data Columns.   The format of the masks determine whether a currency prefix should be used; e.g., $1,234K vs 1,234K.  
  • Measures:  The measure assigned to the Report has a setting that determines whether Elements using the Measure should be shown as currency ; e.g., Sales figures are expressed in currency while Units are not.
  • Dimensions:  Dimensions can be defined so that each Dimension Value has its own currency symbol; e.g., France results could be reported as Euros, not Dollars
  • Report Editor:  The display of a Report's numeric columns can be explicitly defined to use a currency or numeric Display Mask that override all other settings.


  • Determine your Reports’s settings of:  Measure Of and Dimensioned By
  • Confirm that your instance has a default Currency Symbol configured

1. Access the Measure Editor from Report or Metric Editor

Access the Measure Editor from Report or Metric Editor
  1. Click the Edit icon to open the Measure Editor

1.1. Review Measure Currency Setting

Review Measure Currency Setting

For Report's that have this Measure as its Measure of setting, the Show Values as Currency field controls the format of the default Display Mask associated with the Report's Result Set's numeric columns. If it is set to:

  • "Yes":  The column's default mask has a Currency  Prefix.
  • "No":   The column's default mask does not have a Currency Prefix

2. If you element is dimensioned, review Dimension Editor Currency Settings

If you element is dimensioned, review Dimension Editor Currency Settings
  1. Open the Dimension Editor
  2. Verify that the Advanced Settings section, the Include Individual Currency Prefix is set to "Yes"   NOTE: Without this setting being "Yes", it is not possible to assign a Currency Prefix to a Dimension Value in the Dimension Values grid
  3. Notice that the individual Dimension Values have a variety of Currency Prefix symbols

2.1. Assign Currency Prefix Setting on a Dimension  Value

On the Add (or Edit) Dimension Value pop-up, include or change the Currency Prefix

NOTE:  If both the Dimension's and the Dimension Value's settings are not as described, the tile or chart for this Dimension Value will not have a currency symbol.

3. Review Metric Values in Report / Metric Editor

Confirm that both of the following conditions exist on those numeric Data Columns that you want to display with a currency symbol:

  1. Show as Currency? is checked
  2. The Display Format setting either shows "Default" or a Display Mask that includes a currency value is selected

If both of these conditions do not exist, the currency symbol will not display.