Display Values as Percentages (Metrics and Targets)

There are no defaults to support automatically defining a numeric Measurement Value as a percentage.  Data may be entered or fetched with decimal points representing a percent; e.g., 15.5 = 15.5%, but the percent sign cannot be included in the values.

NOTE: The format of the Metric and Target Editor is slightly different in Version 3.

Metric Editor Settings

To express Measurement results (and Targets) as a percentage, enter the following settings on the Metric Editor:

  • In the Data Collection tab > Data values are: set to 'decimal'
  • In the Charting tab > Override Display Mask: Choose a mask containing a decimal point and a % sign; e.g., 12.35%

These settings result in both Metric and associated Target values appearing with a % sign, both in the Homepage and on all Chart Viewers. Target values must be entered as decimal values; e.g., 1.25, 1.0, 4.5.

Target Editor Setting

To express Targets as a percentage, verify the following setting on the Target Editor:

  • Data values are:  set to 'decimal'

Metric Viewer with Target with % Displays