Managed Alerts API (Slack Integration)

Managed Alerting functionality supports Slack integration. It means that when an Alert is triggered, Notifications will be delivered instantaneously to a dedicated Slack Channel. This functionality employs Webhooks that enable data delivery to Slack as it happens, unlike typical APIs where data needs to be polled for very frequently in order to be obtained in real-time.

The whole process comprises these steps:

  1. Configure Custom Script Settings
  2. Define a KPI Alert Rule for a Metric
  3. Specify the Alert Workflow settings
  4. Choose a script for API integration

For more information on how to use Managed Alerts, see Managed Alerts Overview.

The Script which enables Slack integration for Managed Alerts is not supplied by default. To add the script to your System, contact Metric Insights Support.

Access Custom Scripts
  1. Go to Admin menu > select Utilities > access Custom Scripts
  2. Choose Slack Managed Alert Script
Verify the Script Settings

Verify that the Slack Managed Alert Script has correct settings:

  1. Custom API script: must be enabled
  2. External Application Name: External API must be selected
  3. Authentication User: define the name
  4. Parameters required option: must be set to "Yes"
  5. Parameters: make sure that Slack Webhook is added
  6. Parameters Sets: specify the Webhook URL. To do so:
    • click the Edit (gear) icon
    • enter the Webhook URL in Slack where Alert Messages will be posted

Read to learn more about enabling Incoming Webhooks in Slack.

1. Access KPI Alert Editor

  1. Go to KPI Alerts > Alert Editor > API Integration tab.
  2. Select Automation Script and define the settings for Alert Rule External Integration.
  3. Click [Save].

2. When the Alert fires, a Notification will be posted to Slack

When an Alert Condition is satisfied, all Subscribers will be notified via Slack in addition to receiving Alert Messages via email, according their Roles in the Managed Alert Workflow.