Connecting Slack App to Metric Insights

This article details how to establish connectivity between a Slack App and a Metric Insights Server.


Build a Slack App.

1. Set Slack Integration in the MI Application

1.1. Access Admin > Distribution > Slack Integration

From the Admin menu, select Slack Integration.

1.2. Access Slack Integration Editor > Info tab

To establish connectivity between Slack and Metric Insights, enter the Slack App credentials in the Metric Insights.

Note: Refer to the Obtain Slack App Credentials section of this article to see where Slack App credentials are obtained.

Specify the following:

  1. App Credentials: available on the Slack App configuration page under Settings > Basic Information 
  2. Access Tokens: available on the Slack App configuration page under Features > OAuth & Permissions
  3. Slackbot Share Proxy URL: replace the hostname with your own and leave this part of the URL /slack/image?token=<token> as is
  4. Slack Event Subscription URL: is generated automatically

1.3. Obtain Slack App Credentials

To get Slack App credentials:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the App
  3. Access Basic Information > App Credendials
    • Copy all of the App Credentials
  4. Access Features > OAuth & Permissions
    • Copy Tokens for Your Workspace

2. Configure Access to the MI Data

  • Channel syncing will display your Slack Workspace Channels in Metric Insights
  • MI User Groups must be linked to Slack Channels to allow data sharing
  • Users who are not members of the respective Groups will be restricted from sharing MI content in Slack Channels

NOTE: Private channels are not synced till the MI application is invited to the private channel on the Slack side.

To learn more about managing access for MI Groups, go to MI Slack App Security.

Access the Channels tab

In the Slack Integration Editor:

  1. Open the Channels tab
  2. Click [Synchronize Channels]
  3. Optionally, define a Default Access Group to make this group's tiles available for sharing across all the synchronized Slack channels
  4. Manage Groups: specify which MI Groups will have access to these Channels

3. What's Next?