Create a new Burst (prior to Version 5.1.2)

Report bursts can now be setup and managed using a single, consolidated editor. Users can select an arbitrary set of reports, designate an arbitrary set of recipients, and schedule delivery based on a user-defined schedule, all through a single editor

For more recent versions of Metric Insights please see Create New Burst

1. Access New > Burst

Select your content by adding elements from your Favorites folders:

  1. We recommend providing a meaningful Name to your Burst, since it is going to be used as an email header once notifications are to be sent.
  2. Select what kind of entities are going to be sent in Burst emails. In the screen above favorite folders are selected as the burst content.
  3. Send folders as: define whether each of the favorite folders that you are going to choose should be sent in individual emails or all of them should be sent as a one large email.
  4. Click [+ New Folders] and in the opened pop-up choose which of the folders are supposed to be included into the Burst.

1.1. Alternatively, select individual tiles (elements) to be included into the burst notification

If you choose to add specific tiles into the Burst email, click [ + Add tiles] and in the opened pop-up choose which of the elements are supposed to be included into the Burst.

2. Your selections will be displayed in the list below

  1. You can delete selections that may have been added erroneously. To do so, click the Trashbin icon in the respective row.
  2. Click [+ Add tiles] to include more elements
  3. You must choose if your burst will contain all selected elements, or only those that have changed since last time this burst executed

3. Move to the Schedule tab to continue

  1. You can select an existing schedule from the Public Schedules table
  2. Alternatively, you can create your own schedule by clicking [+ New Schedule] below the My Schedules table. For more instructions on Schedule refer to: Creating a Schedule

4. Next, move to the Recipients tab

  1. Check if you want to send the burst to yourself
  2. Add those you wish to receive the burst

Alternatively, you may add Groups of users to the distribution list

Save, then Preview and Enable your burst

5. Once enabled, the Report Burst will run on the schedule you set up