Release 5.4.0/5.4.1

Metric Insights 5.4.0 marks the launch of Announcements and Documents, extends our API capabilities and introduces a variety of plugin changes.

  • Announcements are a re-imagination of our previous Homepage Message functionality, extended beyond the Homepage and into Element Viewers as well. They provide the means to configure important announcements for Users, with the ability to display them only to selected groups of users, or only on Elements built from a specific Data Source, or contained within specific Categories or Folders.
  • Documents provide the ability to attach links or PDF files to associated elements and display them on Element Viewers, or globally (Global Documents). Customers with portal use-cases can now provide resources like release notes and user guides to help their end-users better understand content changes or describe nuances about KPIs and dashboards.
  • Dataset and Data Source API's enable Users to create and edit Datasets and Data Sources via API calls to Metric Insights.
  • [5.4.1] Data Steward is a new Element ownership role that has been introduced to communicate responsibility for data governance within an organization.
  • [5.4.1] URLs can now be configured to link directly to Dimension Values of Elements, making your most relevant data easily accessible.

Major Features

1. Announcements

Announcements introduced in 5.4.0 are replacing the Homepage Message functionality.

The new features allow Admins and Power Users with privileges to:

  • add multiple Announcements
  • display Announcements within a preset time window
  • optionally dismiss Announcements upon viewing
  • restrict viewing to specified Groups

For more information, go to Creating an Announcement on Homepage or Element Viewers

1.1. Homepage Announcement

1.2. Element Viewer Announcement

2. Documents

Documentation can now be added to the Homepage and element Viewers as attached files (currently only PDF format is supported) or links to documents containing any relevant information regarding changes to content, new system functionality relevant to your use-cases, company management, and whatever else you can think up.

To view the full scope of this functionality, go to Adding Documents to Homepage or Element Viewers

2.1. Global Document

2.2. Document on Element Viewer

3. Dataset and Data Source API

As of Release 5.4.0, Users can take advantage of extended API functionality. API calls can now be employed to:

  1. Get a list of Datasets and their Instances
  2. Obtain a list of all Data Sources, only SQL or only Plugin Data Sources
  3. Query and Set Access (User) Maps
  4. Retrieve Parameters for Plugin Data Sources
  5. Fetch a list of External Reports for Plugin Data Sources

For details, refer to:


4. [5.4.1] Data Steward

Information about Data Steward is included in Element Previews, Element Viewers as well as displayed on Homepage Tiles. Any Metric Insights User can access and email a Data Steward with inquiries about an Element. Power and Regular Users must have been granted the corresponding Viewing/Edit Permissions beforehand.

Clicking the name of the Data Steward will open you email program.

The example below is from the Element Preview.

Users can now take full advantage of the new functionality that allows building hyperlinks to the Dimension Values of Elements.

This option is available from the Dataset Reports > Content tab. 

To access:

  1. Open the Table Editor
  2. Click the Edit (Gear) icon next to the Column's name
  3. On the Column Editor pop-up, enter the Dynamic link as prompted: [[field_name]](http://url/value=[field_name])

Sample URL linking to a Dimension: [[country]]([country])

Provided the URL has been configured correctly, Column Values will link to the corresponding Dimension Values of an Element.

For details, go to:

  1. Adding Links to Dataset Reports
  2. Dataset Reports Overview (New in 5.3) (Section 3.1 "Table Formatting" and Section 3.2 "Column Formatting")

6. Functionality enhancement


  1. [5.4.1] A new Power User Privilege overrides the 5.3 Category Edit Access restrictions and allows Power User access to an object editor as long as the user has View Access to its Category.

Admin Tools and Authentication

  1. User Type can be automatically set for new Users created via Single-Sign-On (SSO).


  1. "All Combinations" option was added for Compound Dimensions.


  1. [5.4.1] The number of elements displayed in a Burst has been extended to 50.

Portal Pages

  1. [5.4.1] The ability has been provided to specify "Metric Insights Default" layout (as an option for pages not shown on the Homepage).

External Reports

  1. Multiple filter selections were enabled for all plugins that support filters.


  1. All charting views (including Stoplight and Target) are supported on Homepage and Portal Pages.


  1. [5.4.1] Google Analytics: values can now be filtered with the "contains" operator.
  2. ZenDesk: plugin was moved to Java.
  3. ZenDesk: visual editor was added.

Slack App

  1. Smarter fuzzy search algorithm was provided to improve relevance for multiple terms

7. Known Issues


  1. Aggregate Metrics do not display future dates.

Admin Tools and Authentication

  1. Password is not stored for LDAP Users. When LDAP User setting is activated, password still needs to be reset.


  1. Microstrategy: code error during data collection for Microstrategy Cube connection profile.
  2. Microstrategy: PDF image is truncated in External Report.
  3. Tableau: External Reports are created with static images instead of iframes at bulk upload.


  1. [5.4.1] There are no restrictions on Dimensions that a Power User may choose as a Parent when creating or editing a Child Dimension.

8. Bugs fixed


  1. [5.4.1] :measurement_time param now works for Datasets sourced from Athena and Snowflake (SQL Data Sources).


  1. Special characters in element names no longer cause the "dismiss"(X) icon to be deactivated.

Dataset Reports

  1. Links to external visualization are displayed correctly in Tables on Homepage Tiles.
  2. Links in emails now allow opening a Dataset Report in Viewer.
  3. [5.4.1] Burst: Preview image can now be generated for very large Dataset Reports.


  1. Google Analytics: column sorting in Viewer works as expected.
  2. Qliksense: images are now collected for all available values.
  3. ZenDesk: aggregating columns or adding derived fields to Reports run error-free.
  4. ZenDesk: "Assignee" column validation no longer fails.


  1. Android: SAML Authorization Page can now be opened if it is activated on your instance.