Release 5.2 / 5.2.1

Metric Insights 5.2 and 5.2.1 present important paradigm shifts in how content is managed and distributed, and how anomalies are detected.

With Folders, we have improved the usability of content organization, especially among larger teams. Folders replace Shared Favorites, providing the ability for shared content management across a set of Folder administrators. Once changes are made to Folder content, they are propagated across all users without the ability for user-level overrides that existed in the Shared Favorite era. Tiles on the Homepage can now be dragged and dropped between Folders, or re-ordered within a Folder. We have exposed the right-click action! Try right-clicking a Tile and exploring some of the new functionality.

New delivery methods for Bursts are available. You can now deliver Burst content to FTP, Shared Drives that are mounted to your instance, or deliver the content of a Report via “Burst to SMS” functionality.

Stats Models for Datasets usher in a new, more advanced set of capabilities for anomaly detection. This functionality opens up possibilities for new use-cases that allow you to detect what’s going wrong, right, or as usual in your business.

Key New Features

1. Content Organization

Shared Favorites have been removed and replaced by Folders that unify the existing disparate approaches for content and distribution management into one management system

  1. Folders allow the creation of a hierarchy of sub-folders among which content can be easily moved. 
  2. All or any number of Dimension Values for included elements may be selected
  3. Bursts created from a Folder inherit its content and can automatically subscribe the users with whom the Folder is shared
  4. See details here: Understanding Folders
  5. Drag & Drop of tiles from one Folder or Favorites to another
  6. An option is now available to suppress display of categories (controlled in My Setting)
  7. Folders with sub-folders are displayed as a hierarchy
  8. Import/Export Utility has been enhanced/extended to conditionally include User Maps and start data collection after Import/Trigger run. For more information check Migrate Elements / Datasets / User Maps from one Metric Insights instance to another

A migration utility tool allows conversion of existing Shared Favorites to Folders en masse or one Shared Favorite folder at a time - Migrating Shared Favorites to Folders (conversion to 5.2.0) 

  • (Note: New v5 Folders are not yet supported for Slideshows - you can not migrate Shared Favorites that are used in your Slideshows)

2. Stats Datasets

Stats Datasets enable Users to build statistical models that can surface anomalies across large amounts of data. The new functionality allows to work with data with multiple dimensions and create Metrics and Reports based on it, tailored to specific tasks at hand and containing just the right amount of information. Stats Datasets allow to set Upper and Lower Control Limits, Moving Average interval, and a Standard Deviation threshold. These are used to surface only those  Dimensiosn and Measures where an anomaly occurs.

To create Statistical models from a Dataset to find anomalies across a large number of Dimensions Users choose:

  1. Dimension column
  2. Measure column
  3. Date across which to compute volatility
  4. Moving Average intervals
  5. Upper and Lower Control Limits
  6. Standard Deviation threshold

See details here: Create a Statistical Model (Datasets)

3. Bursting

  1. Bursting now allows for distribution of Folders, in addition to existing Favorites and Selected Tiles payloads
  2. [5.2.1] A single Burst Report can also be delivered as SMS to mobile devices
  3. Can now be distributed to an FTP location that an Admin, or a Power User with the associated new Privilege, defines and manages
  4. [5.2.1] Bursting is now available to a Shared Drive that can be created and managed by the Admin


4. Security Changes

  1. Allow Power Users with the associated new Privileges to create Groups, Folders, Data Sources, Elements, Categories, Dimensions and Elements and manage access of Groups and individual users to these objects.  Privileges may now be managed by Admins to allow their availability in an instance and permit assignment to a Group by a Power User. See Changes to Security in 5.2.0
  2. [5.2.1] FTP Connections have been made "Private" unless Shared
  3. [5.2.1] "Private" FTP Connections can be created and edited only by Admins and Users with Assigned Privileges
  4. [5.2.1] Regular and Power Users may be given a Permission to use/edit a Shared Drive
  5. [5.2.1] Burst content is governed by Privileges and Permission of its owner
  6. [5.2.1] Selected Privileges are defined as Parent/Child to facilitate granting to users and groups
  7. [5.2.1] The new "Create Folder Privilege" enables both Power and Regular Users to manage Folders
  8. [5.2.1] Data Collection Triggers and Data Dependencies can be managed by Power Users with related Privileges

5. Plug-in Enhancements

  1. PowerBI Plugin enhancements - Power BI plugin capabilities
  2. Visual Editor for Microstrategy Cubes - Sourcing Data from MicroStrategy
  3. Tableau integration enhancements to establish Tableau connection using Site Names
  4. [5.2.1] NTLM Authentication for Microstrategy Plugin
  5. [5.2.1] Visual Query Builder for Spotfire

6. Miscellaneous changes and enhancements include

  1. PDF distribution option for all External Reports and External Content
  2. Improved links to objects from editors and list pages
  3. Bulk Add of External Reports
  4. Admin tools that consolidate Logs and Errors on the Status Monitor
  5. [5.2.1] Reports can be previewed as full interactive JS charts in tile preview popup window
  6. [5.2.1] Ability to link a Metric and a Report via the Report Editor

7. General UI Polish

  1. Improvements to the Dimension Editor
  2. Personal settings redesign
  3. Improved performance of Annotations
  4. Improvements to navigation and messages to users
  5. [5.2.1] Improvements to layout and page structure
  6. [5.2.1] Ability to hide/show Categories on Homepage

8. [iOS] Mobile Release 1.5

[iOS] UI improvements, new Executive Briefs and Managed Alerts functionality.

  1. Support for Managed Alerts
  2. [5.2.1] Homepage redesign
  3. [5.2.1] Ability to view Hidden element list on mobile app
  4. [5.2.1] User Settings improvements
  5. [5.2.1] New capabilities in the Executive Brief mode
    • [5.2.1] Ability to access External Reports via Viewer
    • [5.2.1] Ability to view Shared Folders
    • [5.2.1] Target View Access option


9. Known Issues

  1. Public URL is not working for Reports in IE
  2. Very large numbers can be displayed incorrectly on tile display - this is caused by
  3. Athena JDBC Dataset validation fails: Error parsing DataCollector JSON result
  4. [5.2.1] No notification is sent if Shared Drive cannot be used to store Burst output: to be fixed in future release
  5. [5.2.1] FTP connections are Private and cannot be shared until security is attached to FTP Editor: to be fixed in future release

10. Bugs Fixed


  1. Power User (owner) view of Stats Model restricted by User Map
  2. [5.2.1] User Map column mapping lost when updating Dataset
  3. [5.2.1 ] Special characters not properly displayed in Dataset & View menu
  4. [5.2.1] Errors in Import/Export of Datasets caused by migration of Elements built off of them


  1. [5.2.1] CSV download fails on a Report when all rows are not shown
  2. [5.2.1] Download for large Reports downloads a blank page


  1. Fix PPT and PDF display to fit correctly on page
  2. [5.2.1] PPT generated from Burst includes Report table instead of Tableau image
  3. [5.2.1] Managed Alerts: changing Dimension Value erroneously changes the User role to "Default"


  1. [5.2.1] Re:dash plugin renders empty objects list
  2. [5.2.1] QlikSense: plugin gets 'App not found' while fetching data from API
  3. [5.2.1] In Re:dash it is not possible to bring in interactive JS dashboards
  4. [5.2.1] Tableau: special characters in column name producing errors in Datasets
  5. [5.2.1] Tableau: Filter value type changes are not propagated to associated objects
  6. [5.2.1] PowerBI: Refresh Object list produces error if account has no access to Datasets

Data collection:

  1. Data Dependency doesn't treat correctly its intervals
  2. [5.2.1] Target sourced from Metric (aggregated from Daily Metric) not collecting Target data
  3. [5.2.1] Import/Export Utility failure


  1. [5.2.1] iOS app (v1.4.5) fails on SSO (Single sign-on)


  1. Remove label for preserving grid view when sharing favorites 'Preserve Favorite grid layout'