Bulk-loading External Reports for Tableau

You: "I have 50 workbooks in my Tableau server. I know the process of manually adding them one by one but it is taking a long time"

Metric Insights: "We do indeed have a bulk-load feature for External Reports. You do not need to provide links for the workbooks - Metric Insights will create them"

Below are the steps for using the bulk import for tableau.

1. Access New > Bulk Add Ext. Reports > select one of the previously created Data Sources from the opened list.

NOTE: This method is only available for Tableau data sources. If there are no data sources in the list, create a Tableau connection by following steps in ont of these articles:

2. Select the workbooks you'd like to import

Select the workbooks you'd like to import
  1. Select the Tableau connection (these connections are created at Admin > Data Sources)
  2. Optional. Provide the name for the reports you are going to fetch. Click Show Example to make sure your name is correct.
  3. Select the items you would like to import
  4. Choose whether you want report images to be updated automatically, and if 'yes', choose a trigger for it. For more information on triggers refer to: Automating the Collection of Data

Click Import.

3. Review the import results

Next, select the action you would like to proceed with.