Download Instructions for PoC

This article describes how you should prepare for Meric Insights PoC if you also use Tableau.

What to Expect in our Proof of Concept (PoC)

1. Prepare Tableau Packaged Workbook

Follow the instruction provided in this article to prepare the packaged workbook (.twbx) that should later serve as an external data source.

2. Upload the Packaged Workbook to Metric Insights

[OPTION 1] Command line (Mac Terminal, Windows PuTTY)

1.  Go to: ftp

2.  Provide the username and password you've been supplied with

3.   Open the "upload" directory. This is the only directory you’re allowed to upload to on the ftp site:

cd upload 

4. Change the working directory:

lcd /local/directory

5.  Store a file by executing this command:

put local_file

On the receiving end, files go here: /var/ftp/demo/upload/

[OPTION 2] Filezilla

1.  Download Filezilla from

2.  Unzip the download file

MacOS NOTE: You might need to change your security settings at Apple menu > System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General tab in order to "Allow applications downloaded from: anywhere" (see screen below)

[OPTION 2] Filezilla

3.  Start the Filezilla application.

4.  Enter the following values at the top of the screen:

  • Host:
  • Provide the Username and Password you've been supplied with
  • Port: 21 (or leave blank)

5.  Сlick Quickconnect at the top right corner of the screen (see screen below)

6. Once the connection is established, you should see a directory tree on the right-hand side that includes the upload directory. Double-click it to open it. Then just drag your file from the left-hand side to the upload directory

[OPTION 3] Dropbox

We can also share a Dropbox folder for you to upload the packaged workbook.