My Settings (aka 'Preferences')

The Metric Insights system provides a series of parameters that can be set to govern key Homepage and Notifications functions in a manner that best suits the way you use Metric Insights to do your job.

Access Personal menu > 'My Settings'

Open the 'Preferences Editor' page
User Information

This section allows you to:

  1. Load profile picture
  2. Update personal information: First Name, Last Name or Email address. You have no permission to change your Username

If you change personal information, click Save at the bottom of the page to keep the changes made.

Homepage display
  1. [5.2.1] Set to display or hide listing of the Categories on your Homepage
  2. Select if your panel display is in Tile or List format
  3. Choose any Filters you want to be applied when first opening your Homepage
    • Folder
    • Filter
    • Tag
    • Group
  4. Automatic refresh frequency of the Homepage
Homepage Tile display

In the Homepage Tile Display tab you can set:

  1. Whether or not you wish to see Tile Previews prior to Full Viewer display
  2. Placement of the totals section when grouping by a dimension
  3. Color scheme
  4. Colors examples based on Color scheme selected
  5. The time after which Alert, Annotation or Note icons should be removed when hovering over the tile on Homepage
Report and Data Entry Preferences
  1. Set the maximum length of Report tables displayed in Viewer before scrolling is required
  2. You can decline the option to warn when leaving a page with unsaved changes
  3. You can select to Open the Editors in either Simplified or Advanced Mode

Be sure to SAVE any change you have made