Rel 3.1.698

This is the second release associated with Version 3 of Metric Insights. See below for a list of key enhancements and bug fixes.  For a more detailed list, please contact

The current release contains the following major new capabilities:

  • Expanded Collaborative Features
  • Mobile Apps Delivery
  • New Plug-ins
  • Revised Security Model for Power Users
  • Major Enhancements to support Tableau

1. Implementation Procedure to Deploy Release on your own Server

If you are managing your own server, perform the following actions to deploy this new release:

1.  Login to your Metric Insights server as root

2.  run:  /usr/local/bin/mi-deploy comp Tools-Trunk tip

3.  If you do not already have a recent backup of your system, run:  /usr/local/bin/mi-app-backup

4.  run:  /usr/local/bin/mi-deploy  app inc 3.1.698

Your Solution Architect will provide you the "nnn" portion of the actual release version that will be made available to your organization.  Contact Metric Insights Support at or 415.630.2100 x 107 for assistance.  

2. Implementation Process when Metric Insights Deploys Your Upgrade on our Server

If Metric Insights is administering your organization's instance, your Solution Architect will follow-up to discuss this release with you and coordinate a time for applying this upgrade.

3. Enhancements

  1. Tableau alert wizard: Enables Admins to create alerts based on Tableau views. You start by selecting a view and wind up with a fully defined alert. 
  2. Tableau mass creation wizard: Allows Admins to create a large set of External Reports based on an entire set of Tableau views, all at the same time.
  3. Tableau SSO: Metric Insights can now be set up as a trusted server for Tableau. Users who have logged in to Metric Insights will not be prompted to login to Tableau when clicking Tableau external report links.
  4. Mobile app: New iOS and Android apps are available in iTunes and Play stores.
  5. Alerts/Digest Suppression: Immediate Alerts and selected Digests can be turned-off based on user-defined rules.  Delivery can be suppressed for specific days, times, types (e.g., Immediate Alerts, Favorites Digests, Collaborative Digests), and delivery methods (e.g., email, sms).
  6. Security model: Multiple Power Users can now edit the same element. Edit Access permissions can be assigned individually or at the Group level, and can apply to individual elements or to Categories.
  7. External reports: External Reports can now be dimensioned.
  8. New Collaboration features: Notes, Comments, and Annotations now support markdown tags to enable custom formatting.  Annotations and Events can be created for future dates.
  9. Custom email headers: Admins can create custom headers and footers for notification emails, including logos.
  10. PDF delivery: If External Report sources; e.g., Tableau, support PDF export, those PDFs can now be included with Daily Digests.
  11. Digest and Alert history:  Each User's Editor now includes link that enables Admins to see detailed history of notification emails that have been sent.
  12. SQL builder: New graphical interface (similar to Microsoft Access) provides user-friendly tool for creating SQL queries.
  13. New plug-ins: SugarCRM, RSS feed, Elastic Search, Netsuite, Zendesk, Basecamp, Cooladata, Facebook Graph API
  14. Quick update: Basic formatting for Metrics can now be done directly from the Viewer, without resorting to the full Metric Editor

4. Bug Fixes

The following noteworthy problems were corrected:

  1. Performance: Notification activity caused database locking
  2. Dimension Editor: Deleting large number of Dimension Values caused database locking
  3. Element Generation: Reduced processing and generation time for Metrics by roughly 50%
  4. Notification Schedule:
  • Alert Digests were not being sent on time
  • Custom alerts were not generating notifications when data was recollected


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