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How to create an External Report from Tableau

This article will show you how to create an External Report that is linked to a report from your Tableau server. The example is from the first option in Step 1, but both options are very similar.

1. Start by creating a new External Report

  1. Go to New > External Report > select the Tableau Report Type

NOTE: If there is no Tableau Report Type in the list, you can create one by following instructions in this article: Create a new External Report Type

  1. Give your new report a Name
  2. Define whether you want report content to be updated manually or automatically. In case you choose Automatic Collection, define the following settings:
    • Define the Report Image Trigger from drop-down list
    • Select an existing Plugin Connection Profile
    • Select a Tableau view available for that connection profile
  3. Click Next: define details to proceed with Report creation.

2. External Report Editor displays

Most of these fields will be completed based on your New Report entries. Adjust as required.

Click Save and collect image to create the Preview and Thumbnail images for display on the Homepage and Notifications.

3. Enable and Publish

After successful collection, Enable & Publish

Result: Published and visible on the Homepage


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