Create a Dimensioned External Report for Power BI

This article demonstrates how to create a Dimensioned External Report using Microsoft Power BI.


1. Access New > External Report > Microsoft Power BI

If necessary, you can create a new Report Type, Dimension, Category, or Report Image Trigger on the go by clicking the [+] icon next to the corresponding field.

Define the basics:

  1. Name: provide a meaningful name
  2. Report Type: determines general settings (image source, download option, drill-down authentication, etc.)
  3. Dimensioned by: specify the Dimension for your External Report
  4. Category: place your Report in a relevant Category
  5. Report Source: define whether you want your External Report to be updated manually or automatically
  6. Report Image Trigger: choose the Data Collection Trigger that will control how often your External Report will be updated within Metric Insights
  7. Plugin Connection Profile: select the Connection Profile you have created for Microsoft Power BI
  8. Report: Select the Power BI Report from which the image will be collected
  9. Click Next: define details to proceed with External Report creation

2. External Report Configuration

  1. Show Report in: change from default "External Webpage" if you want your Report to be displayed in Viewer
    • You can choose between the iframe and static image options
    • If you select iframe, you can specify the Viewer Image Size
    • Optionally, disable the display of Collaboration and Footer in Viewer
  2. Apply filters to your Report data by clicking [+Microsoft PowerBI Filter]
  3. The External Report URL will be generated automatically based on your other inputs
    • You can modify the URL by appending a question mark (?) followed by any filter or parameter settings
  4. Test External Report: you can optionally test how your Report will be displayed on External Webpage or in Viewer, depending on the display option selected in #1
  5. Advanced:
    • Always collect all instances of external report: Collect all images and cache them on a schedule
    • On Demand: only when needed for distribution: Individual images are only collected when they need to be included in an email
  6. If you choose to show your Report in Viewer as a Static Image, you can optionally Setup image size by clicking the corresponding button. 
    • If image size is not specified, it will default to 1200 x 800
    • NOTE: if you opt to display your Report as a Static Image, make sure you Collect Image before going to Viewer
  7. Enable and Publish: this will also save your entries

3. Verify display in Viewer

If your Report has been segmented by a Dimension with Multiple Values, you will be able to fetch and view data for Multiple Dimension Values.


  • Multiple Values Delimiter must be specified in the Microsoft Power BI connection profile beforehand
  • For details, refer to Establish Connectivity to Microsoft Power BI (See step #6 for Section 4:  "Advanced Configuration")
  1. Select the View for Single or Multiple Dimension Values  


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