How to create External Reports for Microsoft PowerBI

This article demonstrates how to create an External Report using Microsoft PowerBI as a data source, assuming you have already established connectivity to PowerBI. This article will cover the following:

  1. Defining the Basics: Report Type, Dimension, Trigger, Connection Profile, etc.
  2. Configuration > Display: Define whether the image should be shown in the Metric Insights viewer or externally in PowerBI
  3. Configuration > Advanced: Choose to collect an image always or on demand
  4. [New in 5.1] Configuration > Image Display: Set up the collected image

1. Defining the Basics

Access New > External Report > Microsoft PowerBI.

Access New > External Report > Microsoft PowerBI

The New External Report page opens. Provide the following information:

  1. Give your new External Report a Name
  2. Report Type: The report type selected determines general settings for the External Report. Settings include image source, download option, drill down authentication, etc. Select the default MS PowerBI option from the list or create a new one by clicking the [+] button. For more details, please see Create a new External Report Type.
  3. Define whether you want the image to be updated manually or automatically. If you select Automatic Collection, define the following settings:
    • Select the Report Image Trigger from the drop-down list to specify on what schedule Metric Insights should get images
    • Select the Plugin Connection Profile you have created for Microsoft PowerBI (see Establish Connectivity to Microsoft PowerBI if you have not created a profile yet)
    • Report: Select the PowerBI object you want to get an image for
  4. Click Next: define details to proceed with External Report creation.

2. Configuration > Display

  1. Viewer: You can choose to show the PowerBI object directly in the Metric Insights Viewer (iframe or static image), or display directly in PowerBI in an external web page.
  2. The External Report URL will be generated automatically based on your other inputs. You can modify the URL by appending the string with a question mark (?) followed by any filters or parameters specific to PowerBI

3. Configuration > Advanced

Collect Images:

  • Always collect all instances of external report: Collect all images and cache them on a schedule.
  • On Demand: only when needed for distribution: Individual images are only collected when they need to be included in an email.

4. Configuration > Image Display

  1. Click Save and Collect Image.
  2. Setup image: This option becomes available below the Homepage Preview image once an image is collected. When getting an image from PowerBI, Metric Insights captures a static image of the Dashboard/Report. By default, the size of the image is 1200x800, but this image can be rescaled here. Once set, the image will be rescaled automatically to match the values entered. (Note: the captured image is rescaled to the size specified, as opposed to capturing the image in the size specified.)


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