Create a Dataset from Microsoft Power BI Cloud

A Metric Insights' Dataset or element can be populated automatically based on data fetched from Microsoft Power BI.


Establish connectivity to Microsoft Power BI Cloud via the respective plugin connection profile.

1. Create New Power BI Cloud Dataset

Access New > Dataset > Create New

Alternatively, access Plugin Data Source Editor > Datasets tab > [+ New Dataset].

  1. Measured: select the measurement interval that applies to your element
  2. Collecting: is disabled by default and is enabled once you enable the Dataset
  3. Category: specify the Category where your Dataset will be placed
  4. Move to the Data tab 

2. Define the Settings for Data Collection

[6.3.1] Datasets can be moved between the available Data Storages. The screen below shows Tableau, but the functionality is essentially the same for all Plugins.

Click the Move icon next to the Data Storage on Data tab and follow the prompts to complete the operation.

  1. Data Source: select the connection profile you have created for Microsoft Power BI
  2. Data collection trigger: specify the Trigger that will be used to collect data for your Dataset
  3. Report: select a Microsoft Power BI Object that should serve as a basis of your Dataset
  4. Enter an MIQL Plugin Command listing all the data you would like to fetch from Power BI
  5. Once you are ready with your command, click [Validate]
  6. [Save] 


  1. Entire field names that contain special characters, aggregation and commas must be enclosed in quotes (single or double). 
  2. It is acceptable to enclose all fields and values in quotes.

[…] + Notation is used to signify that the MIQL parts of a statement are optional/can be repeated. 

If you encounter the "Failed to connect to OLE-DB server. Check your Dataset server location and updates for Analyze in Excel" error message, run the RDP service as an AD service account:

  • Access Services > Metric Insights Data Processor Daemon > Properties > Log On, select AD service account

2.1. Build Query Using the Visual Editor

The Microsoft Power BI Cloud Query Builder allows constructing commands without the need to learn the plugin syntax and avoiding typos/mistakes.

  1. Select the Fields for your Dataset
  2. Optionally, add Derived fields and/or Count of duplicate rows
  3. [Save] your settings. Plugin command validation will start automatically

3. Review and Enable the Dataset

  1. If the command is validated successfully, the Dataset columns and Validation Rows Preview are going to be shown below.
  2. At the upper right corner of the screen click Enable & View.

4. See the Dataset Viewer

To view the options available to complete the definition of this new Dataset, see Access, Create, and modify Dataset Views.