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Creating a new schedule from Notifications screens

This function allows Users to create their own private schedules to control the timing for any of their digests. Admin users will also have access to further options as explained in last step.

1. Adding a New Schedule

You can create a New Schedule from several places:

  1. My Preferences > My Schedules
  2. When creating a new Burst at Schedule tab
  3. [For Admins only] From Admin > Notification Schedules

2. 'Create new schedule'  pop-up appears

'Create new schedule'  pop-up appears
  1. Select to schedule by day of week or day of month
  2. Select days of the week via check marks
  3. You may schedule one or many times per day
  4. Schedule name will be automatically generated or you may override with name of your choosing
  5. Admin users can access more scheduling options via this link (see Step 3)

2.1. Your choices will be slightly different for 'day of the month'

Your choices will be slightly different for 'day of the month'

You can select either Fiscal month or Actual month from the drop-down

3. [For Admins only]  Notification Schedule Editor for advanced options

NOTE: The link will open a new tab. The Notification Schedule Editor allows Admin User a number of additional options:

  1. This screen has the additional Frequency choices of every few minutes and hourly
  2. Specify time to wait before schedule executes (allows you to schedule at 4:15 for example)
  3. Allows you to set up a single trigger for this schedule
  4. Admin users can also make this schedule public and available for use company-wide
  5. Alter the system-generated name if you like

NOTE: this pop-up has been created in a separate Editor and you must close the tab to return to Notifications:Schedule or Bursting  where you will also need to close the original Create new schedule pop-up and refresh your screen to view this schedule in your grid(s)


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