PowerBI Plugin Capabilities

This article describes the current capabilities of the Metric Insights PowerBI Plugin

Power BI Object types
Collect Image
Get Data
Dataset - +
Report + - Report table can be Pinned to a Dashboard in order to get Data
Dashboard + + Get data only from Tiles
Dashboard Tile
(pinned Report chart or table)
+ + Can collect image for the entire Dashboard only, not specific Tiles
Dashboard LIve Page
(pinned Report chart or table)
+ - Can collect image for the entire Dashboard, but not for a specific Live Page

Power BI objects:

1. Dataset


2. Report (can collect Image, cannot get Data)

Visualizations that have the Pin option can be pinned to a Dashboard as a Tile

3. Dashboard (can collect Image for the entire Dashboard, and get data from individual Tiles on the Dashboard)

NOTE: Dashboards can contain Tiles and Live Pages

We can collect an Image for an entire Dashboard only, even if we choose a particular Tile, because PowerBI does not support embedded tiles yet and there is no API call to do this.

3.1. Tile (a Report visualization element that can be Pinned to a Dashboard)

We can get data from one Tile at a time (as long as it’s pinned to a Dashboard):

MI <--> PowerBI Tiles Mapping

3.2. Live Page

You can Pin an entire Report as a Live Page for a Dashboard.

We cannot get Data from a Live page however.


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