Embedding Overview

Tiles, Preview, Full Chart View and even the entire Viewer can be embedded in your own web pages. There are two methods for embedding, both can be done on almost any standard HTML page:

  1. By using iFrames (<iFrame>) (for more details refer to Embedding with iFrame on an HTML Page)
  2. Through javascript (for more details refer to Embedding with JavaScript)

You may also choose to embed all of Metric Insights into an iFrame on your web portal:

1.      Use the following URL:


2.     To preselect a Category for the Homepage, include:


For example, to have an embedded iFrame open the Metric Insights Homepage to Category 5:



How to find the Embedding Codes

1. Get the Codes for individual elements

1.1. From element Editors

  1. For all Editors, the codes can be found under the Advanced tab.
  2. Click [</> Embed codes] to obtain the code.  

1.2. From the element Preview or Viewer

Access the Embed Code from the Preview or Viewer via the Share button:

  1. Click the [Share] button to open the Share Now pop-up.
  2. Click [Embed this instead] to get the codes.

2. Get the Codes for Dataset Report Components

To obtain the codes for Dataset Report Components, access the Report Editor:

  1. Go to the Report Content tab
  2. Open a Report Component (chart, table) > click [Edit] button
  3. On the Component Editor pop-up, click [Get embed code]

3. Get Codes for Favorites

Content menu> Folders > Folder List > Select a Folder:

  1. Via the Content menu, access the Favorite Folders list.
  2. Click the [Edit] button next to a Folder to get Embed codes for that Folder.

4. Get Codes for Folders

  1. Via the Content menu, access the Folders List.
  2. Click the Folder's name to access the Folder Editor.
  3. On the Content tab, click [</>Embed codes].

5. Get Codes for Categories

  1. Via the Content menu, access the Categories List.
  2. Click the Categories's name to access the Categories Editor.
  3. On the Info tab, click [</>Embed codes].


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