Prerequisites for connecting to PowerBI

1. Open access to PowerBI endpoints required to get data and collect images from PowerBI

To integrate with PowerBI, particularly for getting data, you must deploy Metric Insights' Remote Data Collector (RDC). The RDC must be installed on a Windows machine that can access your PowerBI environment. The following endpoints must be opened:

  •, port 443
  • *, port 443
  •, port 443
  •, port 443
  •, port 443
  • *, port 443

2. Install the Remote Data Collector

For steps on how to install the RDC, please see the Configure a Remote Data Collector article.

3. .NET and SQL OLE-DB adapter must be installed on the RDC host machine

1. RDC requires .NET FrameWork v4.5 or higher

2. Download and install SQL_AS_OLE-DB adapter (

4. Create powerbi-poc.conf if it does not already exist

  1. In C:\Program Files (x86)\Metric Insights\Insightd\plugins (or where the RDC is installed) create a powerbi-poc.conf configuration file
  2. Enter the following parameters with correct values:



pathToOleDbExe=C:\Program Files (x86)\Metric Insights\Insightd\plugins\oledb\OLE DB Connector.exe

5. Register an Azure application representing Metric Insights to embed PowerBI content

To create and register an app, please follow the instructions in this Microsoft article:

This creates 'trust' between PowerBI and Metric Insights in order to embed PowerBI content.


Please make sure to "Grant Permissions" while configuring the App in Azure Portal.

6. Create a PowerBI connection profile in Metric Insights

Now that you've completed the prerequisities, you are now ready to create a connection profile in Metric Insights! Please follow the steps in this article to complete the integration:


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