Power BI Plugin Capabilities

This article describes the current capabilities of the Metric Insights Power BI Plugin.    

Power BI Objects Collect Image Get Data Embed in a Portal Page Notes
Dataset - + -
Report + - +
Dashboard + - +
Dashboard Tile
(pinned Report chart or table)
+ - +

Image can be collected for the entire Dashboard only, not specific Tiles

Dashboard Live Page
(pinned Report chart or table)
+ - + Image can be collected for the entire Dashboard, but not for a specific Live Page

For more information on embedding Power BI Objects in Portal Pages, see Embedding Overview.

Microsoft Power BI Objects

1. Datasets

  • Datasets are collections of data in Microsoft Power BI.
  • Data from Power BI Datasets can be fetched to Metric Insights.

2. Reports

  • Reports are one or more pages of visualizations (line chars, maps, etc).
  • Images can be collected from Power BI Reports via the respective plugin connection profile.

Report Visualizations can be pinned to Dashboards as Tiles.

3. Dashboards

  • Dashboards can contain Tiles and Live Pages.
  • Metric Insights allows you to collect Image for the entire Dashboard.

3.1. Tiles

  • A Tile is a Report visualization element that can be pinned to a Dashboard.
  • You can get Images for Tiles.

3.2. Live Pages

  • An entire Report can be pinned to a Dashboard as a Live Page.
  • Pinning Live Page enables changes to reports to appear in the dashboard tile when the page is refreshed.
  • Only images from Live Pages can be fetched by the Metric Insights plugin.