Power BI Plugin Capabilities

This article describes the current capabilities of the Metric Insights Power BI Plugin.    

NOTE: The data from Power BI can be fetched via DAX API without using an RDP. Note that this method of fetching data has limitations of 100,000 rows or 1,000,000 values per request. This setting is controlled by the OleDB data parameter in Microsoft Power BI Cloud plugin connection profile.

Power BI Objects Collect Image Get Data Embed in a Portal Page Notes
Dataset - + -
Report + - +
Dashboard + - +
Dashboard Tile
(pinned Report chart or table)
+ - +

Image can be collected for the entire Dashboard only, not specific Tiles

Dashboard Live Page
(pinned Report chart or table)
+ - + Image can be collected for the entire Dashboard, but not for a specific Live Page

For more information on embedding Power BI Objects in Portal Pages, see Embedding Overview.

Microsoft Power BI Objects

1. Datasets

  • Datasets are collections of data in Microsoft Power BI.
  • Data from Power BI Datasets can be fetched to Metric Insights.

2. Reports

  • Reports are one or more pages of visualizations (line chars, maps, etc).
  • Images can be collected from Power BI Reports via the respective plugin connection profile.

Report Visualizations can be pinned to Dashboards as Tiles.

3. Dashboards

  • Dashboards can contain Tiles and Live Pages.
  • Metric Insights allows you to collect Image for the entire Dashboard.

3.1. Tiles

  • A Tile is a Report visualization element that can be pinned to a Dashboard.
  • You can get Images for Tiles.

3.2. Live Pages

  • An entire Report can be pinned to a Dashboard as a Live Page.
  • Pinning Live Page enables changes to reports to appear in the dashboard tile when the page is refreshed.
  • Only images from Live Pages can be fetched by the Metric Insights plugin.