Setting Element's Discoverability

The Discoverability feature grans Admins an ability to allow Users to see those tiles on the Homepage that they do not have Permission to view. Users then can submit an Access Request and Admins and privileged Power Users can grant them access via the Access Request screen.  

The system will default to standard "Access Denied" message if no customization has been set up. See Adding Document Links on Access Denied Message article for more information.

1. Set Elements to be Discoverable

Access Element Editor and open the Advanced tab

Metric Editor - Google Chrome
  1. Activate the Make Discoverable to Users Without Access toggle switch to expose optional fields
  2. Additional fields are made available for optional changes

2. Restrict Discoverability to Groups by Category

Since not all Groups need to see all Discoverable content as it is not relevant to them, it is possible to restrict Discoverability to certain User Groups for an entire Category.

2.1. Set System Variable for Restriction

Access Admin > System > System Variables

Variables - Google Chrome
  1. Set Search to "Access Requests & Discoverability" to limit grid display
  3. Click gear icon to open popup and set variable to "Y'
  4. [Commit Changes]

2.2. Select Groups

Access Content > Categories click the Category's Active Name Link to open the Editor

Category Editor - Google Chrome
  1. Open Discoverability tab (this tab will not display unless System Variable is set)
  2. Content will be discoverable to the following Groups: Select "Selected Group" option
  3. [+ Add Groups] to open popup
  4. Select Groups via check boxes and [+ Add Selected]