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Adding a "Total" or "Subtotal" to a Simple Dimension

A "Total" value that accumulates all data for each Measurement Time can be added for a given Dimension. It could be applied to Dimensioned Metrics and Dataset Reports, and this results in a "Total" tile on the Homepage and a "Total" View in Metric / Report Viewer.  

This article covers the following topics:

1. Enabling the "Total" for a Dimension

Access Dimension Editor and open the Info tab

In the Include "total" Dimension Value field, select "Yes" option.

The "Total" Value is added to Metrics that use these Dimension and Reports.

2. Configuring the Display of a "Total" Dimension Value

The "Total" Dimension Value is shown in two places:

  • in a Report / Metric Viewer
  • on the Homepage as a separate tile (optional)

Both options are described below.

2.1. Display on a Report / Metric Viewer

Open the Advanced tab

Using the Place "total" Dimension Value field, you can specify the position of the Dimension Value aggregating total results to be either "last" or "first". [Save] your changes and check the Metric Viewer of the Metric that is Dimensioned with this Dimension.

The Total Value is shown last in the list.

Display on Homepage

Open the Info tab and scroll the page down to the Dimension Values grid

Here, you can define whether the Total tile is displayed at the Homepage or not.

  1. Click the gear icon in the "Total" row
  2. Display value: Change the display name of the Total if necessary
  3. Show as tile: Choose either the Total being shown as a tile on the Homepage or not
  4. [Save]

3. Adding a Subtotal Dimension Value

Subtotal Dimension Value aggregates the data of several selected Dimension Values. It can be created in the Dimension Editor.

NOTE: The Subtotal Dimension Value can be added only if the 'Total' Dimension Value has already been created for this Dimension.

For this example, instead of reviewing daily sales data for all countries (Dimension Values) within a 'Country' Dimension, a User may create a Dimension Value that aggregates the data of those countries which are a part of the European Union:

  1. [+ New Dimension Value]
  2. Dimension Value is: Select "Aggregate" option
  3. Display Value: Provide the Dimension Value with a descriptive Name
  4. [Save] your entry

3.1. Specify Dimension Values that Should Be Included

  1. [+Add Content]
  2. Select checkboxes for Dimension Values whose data should be aggregated for a new Subtotal
  3. [Add Selected]
  4. [Save]

3.2. Check the Result

A new Chart with aggregated data is now available in the Dimension Values drop-down list and at the Homepage.