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What accessibility features are available?

Metric Insights provides out-of-the-box settings to support accessibility requirements for people with visual impairment, auditory impairment, and utilizes best practices to support screenreaders and similar tools.

Accessibility efforts are focused on the following:

  1. color-blindness
  2. blindness and visual impairment
  3. users who are interacting without the use of a keyboard or mouse

Our markup follows standards required for screenreaders, and the UI is both responsive and scaleable, meaning all text and icons will expand without loosing fidelity. Images are fundamentally restricted by their resolution and may become blurry/pixelated if enlarged.

Color Blindness

Indvidual users are provided with multiple colors schemes, one to account specifically for red/green color-blindness. These settings are available via User Menu > My Settings

Appropriate contrast is also provided throughout the interface to ensure legibility.

Voice Interaction

Content search can be performed via voice search; this is a system-wide configuration option, available via Admin > System > System Variables.

  • Turn on/off via ENABLE_VOICE_SEARCH
  • Set the language via VOICE_SEARCH_LANGUAGE

Interface Resizing

In the above example, the interface has been magnified (zoomed in) significantly, but there is no loss in fidelity and the interface remains usable. Users can do magnify a page in all common web browsers.