Create a Simple (Undimensioned) Multi-Metric

Multi-Metrics provide the ability to quickly combine multiple existing metrics into the same chart.  Individual metrics can be drawn against one or 2 axis and can be shown as a combination of Bars and Lines.

An Undimensioned Multi-Metric is one for which a single tile exists (that is, the Multi-Metric itself is not dimensional).   An undimensioned Multi-Metric can include BOTH dimensioned and undimensioned Metrics.  For instance, you may choose to display 'Total Sales' (an undimensioned Metric) together with Sales from the 'US' and 'Canada' (a sales Metric dimensioned by country) on the same Multi-Metric.

1. Access New > Multi-Metric

Access New > Multi-Metric
  1. Create a unique Name for the Multi-Metric
  2. The Description will be defaulted from the name, but if this is not sufficiently descriptive, you may change it
  3. Assign the Chart to a Category to indicate where you would like your element to appear in the Home Page
  4. Optionally you may select a Primary Topic which serves to filter elements on your Home Page

Next: define details to transfer to full Multi-Metric Editor

2. Select [+New metric] on 'Metrics to Chart' tab

Select [+New metric] on 'Metrics to Chart' tab

3. Complete the 'Add Metric to Chart' pop-up

Complete the 'Add Metric to Chart' pop-up
  1. You can limit the choices presented for the Metric Name pick-list by Category if you wish
  2. Select your Metric from Pick-list
  3. Select options for display of line or bar (Axis, Color, Shape...)
  4. Select various compare values if desired

Save and continue to add metrics and format details as above

4. Metric grid will be populated

You can further modify chart attributes via the edit gear on grid also.

5. Preview chart and correct options on Charting tab

Preview chart and correct options on Charting tab

When satisfied, Enable and Publish

6. Multi-Metric Viewer will display

Multi-Metric Viewer will display