Create Multiple Aggregates from a Single Metric

Once you have created a Metric, you can easily create Aggregate Metrics ( such as  weekly and monthly) from the Metric Editor.

Using the method described below, you are able to create all the aggregates you need with just a few clicks.

1. Open the Metric to be used as the Data Source

  1. Open the Metric Editor
  2. Open the Associations tab
  3. Click [+Aggregate Metric]

The Add Aggregate Metrics pop-up opens.

2. Select the Aggregates you would like to create

Select the Aggregates you would like to create
  1. Select the aggregation method in the Aggregate using field
  2. Choose whether you are using a regular 'calendar' or a 'fiscal' calendar
  3. Check the boxes for all aggregate intervals needed
  4. Click Add Metrics to create and save your Metrics

3. Aggregate Metrics display in table

The created Metrics are added to the Aggregate Metrics table. Click the Metric Name link to edit your new Metric.  

4. Example of the Aggregate Metric


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