Delete and Re-collect Metric Values

In the case where the Source Data was corrected or updated after being loaded into the Metric Insights warehouse, you may need to delete the erroneous data and recollect the changed data. This can be accomplished on the Metric Editor following the simple steps below.

Option 1 - 'Delete existing Metric values' can be used if your data is being recollected on next scheduled data run

Option 2 - 'Recollect data' can be used to:

  • Delete and Recollect data now
  • Recollect only to replace missing input data

Access Metric Editor > Data tab

1. Select 'Delete existing Metric values '

1.1. Delete all

  1. Select "Yes" to delete all values


NOTE: Once the deletion has completed, the Delete link is no longer visible since all values were just deleted, there is no remaining data associated with this Metric

1.2. Delete a range of data

Toggle 'Delete All' option to 'No'  and two new fields display for setting the range:

  1. Delete measurements from: Defaults to oldest data available
  2. Delete measurements through: Defaults to the most recent period for which data was collected


2. Select 'Recollect data'

2.1. Recollect Data

Recollect Data
  1. Use the Calendar icon to set Collect from value to recollect data from that date/time to present
  2. You can choose to Delete existing data prior to recollecting by setting this option to 'yes' (applied to same date range as above option)
  3. Set 'Update Live Chart' to 'no' if you prefer to preview your results prior to actually updating the Metri