Migrating Shared Favorites to Folders

Using the path Admin menu > Utilities > Migrate Favorites to Folders, Admins are provided with a migration utility to convert existing Shared Favorites to Folders.

In V 5.2.0, the migration tool will:

  •  Migrate elements only to Individual Users (i.e., if favorites was originally shared with a Group, the new Folder will be shared with all members of the Group as individuals rather than sharing at the Group level
  •  Only grant the Original Owner of the Favorite ability to modify its content (i.e., sharing with the old  'Maintain' capability is not supported). 

These settings can be modified by editing  the new Folder

  • New Folders are not yet integrated into our Slideshows, so any Shared Favorites used in Slideshows should not be migrated.
1. Example of a single folder migration
  1. Select 'Only one at a time' to open optional fields
  2. Select a User from the drop-down
  3. Only those Favorites that the selected User has shared will be display - select one
  4. Input a unique name for the new Folder
  5. Indicate if you want the Shared Favorite to be removed from the User's Personal Favorites, or not

Select the Copy Favorite content to Folder button

  1. My Favorites folder is removed from Personal Favorites
  2. New global folder is added

As you can see in the Folder Editor, the new V5.2 Folder will:

  1. Appear on the Homepage of Original Owner and on any Users with whom  the Favorite was shared
  2. Only be modifiable by Original Owner
2. To migrate your entire instance, the Tool is very straight forward and easy to use
  1. Select 'All'
  2. Indicate if the Shared Favorites should be Removed or left as Personal Favorites after the migration

Select the Migrate All Favorites to Folders button


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