Understanding Folders


Metric Insights offers methods of Collaboration that include Favorites, Bursts, Folders and Standard Notifications (Immediate, Daily, Weekly, Monthly).  

The Folders feature is designed to unify these approaches for content and distribution management into one system of Folder management.  It allows users to set a preference to only display personal Favorites and Shared Folders on their Homepage rather than always seeing all Categories that contain content to which they have access.

  • Simplify mechanism for organizing, sharing, and distributing content
  • Remove the confusion between Favorites, Shared favorites, and Bursts
    • Eliminate Shared Favorites and replace with personal favorites and folders concepts
  • Make usage of Bursts more intuitive
    • Allow users to burst both folders and collection of elements
    • Make bursting accessible through the notifications pop-up
Impact on Favorites
  • Users receive their default “My Favorites”
  • Users can also create additional personal Favorites
  • Users can NO LONGER share their personal Favorite Folders
  • Using the path Admin menu > Utilities > Migrate Favorites to Folders, Admins are provided with a migration utility to convert existing Shared Favorites to Folders:  

Key Feature Capabilities

  • Users can manage their own content of interest by creating a Folder and choosing to display its content in their Homepage and/or distribute the content to others via a Bust and selected Notification Schedule
  • Power Users and Admins can create and manage Folders and distribute their content to Group members or individual users on a Burst and its selected Notification Schedule.
    • Options include either or both of the following:
      • Ability to show a Folder on the Homepage of those with whom it is shared
      • Permission for Power Users  to Add/Remove Folder content
  • Power Users and Admins can define Bursts for both Folders and for a collection of elements and select individual Dimension Values of those elements.
  • [5.2.1] Admins can sort the Folders for all Users
  • [6.2.3] Ability to display Sidebar on Viewers with list of the Folder elements is new Beta feature.  See Display Folders Contents on Element Viewers - Beta

1. Access Folder Editor

Access via:

  1. Edit gear on Homepage
  2. New>Folders
  3. Content>Folders

2. Adding Content to Folders

The new Folder Editor allows Admins and Power Users to modify a Folder’s contents and sharing settings using three tabs:  

Content Tab - allows users to:

  1. Add content to the Folder
  2. Set option to hide or display on Homepage  for all users
  3. Add Sub-Folders (child)

2.1. Dimensioned Elements

These elements are shown with a Dimension icon that allows a user to select one or more (or all) Dimension Values to be included in the Folder.  

 When user clicks the icon, a popup allows Dimension Values to be included or excluded.  

2.2. Duplicating Sub-Folders

Beginning in 6.2.4, the ability to duplicate sub-folders has been added to Folders. In previous versions, this function only available when creating a Bursts from Folders.

  1. Select the duplicate icon to open a confirmation notification and click "ok" to duplicate the sub-folder

In this example, the Folder will display Activity KPIs as separate sections for each Country, simply by varying the Dimension values in each sub-folder.

3. Sharing Folders

Sharing Tab is used to:

  1. Specify Users or Groups that can see the Folder on their Homepage
  2. Specify Users or Groups that can Add/Remove its Content (i.e., Edit Access):

4. Bursting tab

Bursting Tab is used to manage (Add or Delete) the burst(s) that deliver the contents of the Folder as a payload

For details on Adding a New Burst, see Create New Burst 

5. Managing (sorting) Folders on the Homepage (Admins only)

Access via Content > Folders to get list of existing Folders

  1. Use customary Drag and Drop method to change display order
    1. In this example, 'Key KPIs' will be dragged to between the 'Marketing' and the 'Finance' folders
  2. New Folders will always to added to the bottom of Folder display
  3. This display order is set for all Users

Only the top-most level of Folder can be managed here

  • Sub-folder order can be changed via Drag and Drop on the Folder Editor for a specific Folder > Contents tab
  • The elements within a Folder are always sorted alphabetically
6. Security
  • Groups as well as both Regular and Power Users can be granted one or both of two new Privileges:
    • Share Folders
    • Add Folders
  • For a given Folder, either Regular or Power Users can receive Permission to:
    • See the Folder on the user’s Homepage
    • Add/Remove content from the Folder

For more information , see: Folder Security