Overview of Identity Profiles

Beginning 6.3.0 Metric Insights introduces a new way of authorization in Data Sources – Identity Profiles. Identity Profiles allow storing user credentials outside of MI application using various security access and management tools, for example, CyberArk.

Each time credential retrieval is triggered, MI application requests credentials from a security access and management tool, this happens when:

  • Data Source's object list is refreshed
  • A new element is created from a Data Source
  • Content is distributed on a Notification Schedule via bursting
  • Data collection is triggered by a Data Collection Trigger

How Does It Work?

  1. Once credential retrieval is triggered, Metric Insights application sends Identity Profile data to a Security Access and Management Tool
  2. Security Access and Management Tool responds to MI application with user credentials
  3. MI application sends request to a BI Tool Server using the obtained user credentials
  4. BI Tool Server responds to MI application with the data

What's Next?