Create a New User Account and Assign to group

Any person using Metric Insights must have a User Account.  Each Account is related to one of three User Types that define the general level of security to be granted.  The Administrator creating an account makes the initially defines a user as:

  1. Regular User:   Has no authoring capabilities for creating or editing elements.
  2. Power User:     Can be assigned the ability to create elements from a specific set of data sources. For more details refer to: Understanding Power Users
  3. Administrator: Has full access to edit and create content in Metric Insights. Can also manage accounts, grant rights and perform other Administrative tasks that govern system behavior.

User rights can be assigned either directly to a user or, more commonly,  are assigned to a user through membership in a group.  These rights fall into two categories:

  • Privileges:      Determine system functionality that is available to the user
  • Permissions:   Control access to specific Elements and dimension (segment) values.

1. Access Users list from Admin menu

Click [+New User] at the bottom of the page. The Add User pop-up opens.

2. Specify basic User Information

Specify basic User Information
  1. Provide a unique Username for this account
  2. Specify whether this is a LDAP User (For more details, please refer to Integrating with LDAP)
  3. An Email address that is unique
  4. Define the Type of a User (choose from 'Regular User', "Power User', 'Administrator)
  5. Determine whether you want the User to receive a temporary password
  6. This option allows you to quickly define User Permissions by copying configurations previously specified for other User

Save your settings. The User Editor opens.

3. Define Group Membership

  1. Open the Group Membership tab
  2. Note that, based on the initial standard settings, this User is assigned to the 'Default Group'.   This group is setup to provide the base level of rights that are available to all Users
  3. You can change the user's access level using [+ Group to User] to specify additional group memberships for the User

See also additional Security rules in the Establishing Security manual

4. An example of a welcome email sent to a newly created User

An example of a welcome email sent to a newly created User

If you have selected to send the user a temporary password, the user will receive an email like the one shown above.

See Logon to Metric Insights manual for more information.