Modify User Preferences (via Admin functions)

If you need to modify any of the assigned Preference defined for a user, you may do so via the User Editor. To view and modify settings of another User, the system will offer you to log in as this User. The process of setting User Preferences is identical to the process used to modify your own Preferences, so if you need help with that, please refer to  The Preference Editor Overview.

1. Access Admin > Users

Access Admin > Users

Select a User from the list. The User Editor opens.

2. Click the 'Preferences' button from the User Editor

Click the 'Preferences' button from the User Editor
  1. At the upper left corner od the screen click Preferences
  2. A Confirmation pop-up informing you about the login requirement opens
  3. Click Login as <Username> to change User preferences directly from his/her account

The User's Preferences Editor opens.

3. You now have full access to User's Preferences Editor

You now have full access to User's Preferences Editor
  1. Note that you are now logged in as a selected User and you get the access to the system in the exact same way a user does (with their permissions and potential issues). NOTE: When Admin is logged in as a different user, the top panel changes its color to remind the Administrator that he should return to his account to continue working with a system
  2. After you perform any required changes, don't forget to Save them

4. Return to your own account

Return to your own account
  1. Click the Username at the upper right corner of the screen. The Preferences drop-down list opens
  2. Click Return to <your own Username> session at the bottom of the drop-down list

The system logs you back to your own account.