Data Storage Security

Beginning in Release 6.1, Permission to use a Data Storage can be granted to Group or individual Power Users from these Editors:

  1. Data Storage using a Permissions button
  2. Group > Power User tab > Data Storage section
  3. User > Power User tab > Data Storage section

With this Permission, a Power User may select the Data Storage to be used when creating a new Dataset.  Without at least Permission to use at least one Data Storage , the Power User cannot create a new Dataset.

This Permission grants Use Access only; the Power User may not Edit the Data Storage.

To grant Permissions using the popup:

  1. Click the Permission button to open the standard popup
  2. Use the + buttons to grant Use Access Permissions to Groups and/or individual Power Users

Group and User Editors (Power Users tab > Data Storage section)

On Group or User Editor > Power User tab:

  1. Click the + button
  2. Choose a Data Storage to which Use Access is to be granted

Dataset Editor (> Data tab)


  1. Power User can choose any Data Storage to which user has Use Access


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