Delete and Re-collect Report Instances

This feature is being deprecated in Version 6, please see information on the newly expanded Reporting features:  Dataset Reports Overview (New in 5.3)

You may elect to delete instances that have already been collected for a Report and/or re-collect data from a certain date/time.  You may delete:

  • All Historical Instances
  • Selected Instances using from/through dates
  • A Range of Instances

When data for the Report Keeps History and its data is uploaded from a CSV file, there are different rules.  See Delete Instances and/or Data Files from a Report Sourced from a CSV File for details.

1. Access Report Editor > Data tab

Scroll down to below Report Columns section

  1. Note Snapshot Report is set to yes and
  2. Can historical instances be backfilled is also set to yes
  3. Click the Delete link

1.1. Select option to Delete "All"

1.2. Or select to delete 'range of instances'

Or select to delete 'range of instances'
  1. Indicate if you want to delete all dimensions or just one
  2. Set  range of dates:
  • the from date defaults to most oldest data available
  • through date(defaults to the most recent period for which data was collected

1.3. Or select to delete 'selected instances'

Or select to delete 'selected instances'
  1. This options allows you to remove specific instances using delete icon

2. After selecting delete button, you will be asked to confirm

After selecting delete button, you will be asked to confirm

2.1. View the Report to review results

In this example, we deleted all data from 2013 and 2014.

3. To re-collect data, edit the report

Select Update live report from Data Collection to view Update Report History Options pop-up

4. Select data to be re-collected

Select data to be re-collected
  1. Choose whether or not historical instances should be collected; if "Yes", chose the dates for selection
  2. Establish if a "from/to range" of dates or a "from" date is to be used to determine instances
  3. Provide the date(s) requested


NOTE:  A "Updating the report" message will appear until the Report's generation is completed

4.1. Review Results in Report Viewer

Instances previously deleted have been re-collected.


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