Create an Aggregate Metric

Metric Insights allows to create one or several Aggregate Metrics from any created Metric. This article describes how to create an Aggregate Metric using "Aggregate a Metric" option as a Data Source.

This method is based on creating a new Metric. It is also possible to create an Aggregate Metric directly from the Metric Editor of already created Metric. For more details check the Create Multiple Aggregates from a Single Metric article.

1. Start Creating a New Metric

Access +New > Metric > Create New

  1. Measured: Select the measurement interval that applies to the level of aggregation that you want in your result set
  2. Name: Give the Metric a descriptive name
  3. Category: Select the Category to place the Metric
  4. [Next: Define Details] to open the Editor

2. Complete Data Tab

  1. Data Source: Select the "Aggregate a Metric" option
  2. Which Metric: Choose the Metric from which to create an Aggregate from the dropdown list
  3. Aggregate using: Select the aggregation method
  4. Compute monthly values if daily values are missing: Select 'Yes" if you want to use monthly values instead of daily values if they are not available

[Enable&Publish] afterwards.

Aggregate Metrics are not bound to any particular Data Collection Trigger. The Metric's data is updated automatically each time its Source Metric's data is updated or changed.