Enter Metric Data Manually

You can key enter data to a Metric manually, one Measurement Time and Measurement Value at a time. All values may be entered or you may need to just enter a few to correct or augment data loaded via CSV files

For more details on uploading CSV files, see Upload Metric Data via CSV file

1. Access New > Metric

Define the basic Metric information:

  1. Measurement Interval - select the measurement interval that applies to the level of aggregation that you want in your result set
  2. Measure of - identify what this Metric should measure
  3. Name this Metric - The system automatically generates name based on the values selected in the fields above, however, you can change it to a unique descriptive name of your choice
  4. Category is optional (defaults to 'Uncategorized'
  5. Set option to 'Continue in full (i.e. advanced) interface' and click Next: collect data button  

The system redirects you to the Metric Editor - Data Collection tab

2. Choose 'Manual/CSV Data' as a Data Source

  1. In the Data Source field select 'Manual/CSV Data' option from the drop-down list
  2. Click Load data

The Manual Metric Data Entry Editor opens

3. Click [+ Metric Value]

The Add Metric Value pop-up opens

4. Open the Add Metric Value pop-up

Open the Add Metric Value pop-up
  1. Use the Calendar icon to select Measurement Time
  2. Enter Measurement Value

NOTE: If your Metric is Dimensioned, chose a Dimension Value (in our example the Metric is Undimensioned)

Save your entry

5. Review your entry in the Metric Data table

  1. Once saved, your entry is automatically added to the table
  2. Repeat the process to enter more data
  3. When you are finished, click Update Live Chart to generate the Metric Сhart