Working with Text Blocks

Users can now add blocks of text to your Dataset Reports to make them even more informative and compelling. To use this option, drag the Text tile to the Report Canvas and select options as needed. Variables in Rich Text Blocks allow Users to add high-level KPIs to their Dataset Reports.

1. Formatting options

The following formatting functionality is supported:

  1. Undo/redo (change history)
  2. Bold, Italic, text alignment (left, center, right)
  3. [5.5.1] Ordered and Unordered lists
  4. [5.5.1] Tables
  5. Hyper-linking
  6. Font color, background color
  7. Font family
  8. Font size
  9. [5.5.1] Source code (HTML) viewing and editing (Variables)
2. Adding Variables

The default list of Variables can be extended from:

  1. Variables drop-down
  2. Text Block Editor

2.1. The Text Block Editor

Select [+ Variable] to display drop-down options for:

  1. Type of aggregation (Sum, Ave, Min, Max...)
  2. Variable

[Apply] to add these options to your list of Variables.

2.2. Edit the Text Block to clarify the meaning and then select a Variable from list  

The Variable will appear at the point of your cursor and will be replaced in the Viewer and emails with correct value.

Example below show that Formatting may also be applied to these options (Bold, Larger type applied)


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