Customize a JavaScript Chart Type

You have several JavaScript Chart Templates to use for JavaScript charting. However, if you find one that you would like to customize for your needs you can adjust the JavaScript chart. This article walks you through the process with an example.

Video Tutorial

Administration Menu

At the Administration Menu click on JavaScript Chart Templates under the JavaScript Charting section

JavaScript Chart Templates

On the JavaScript Chart Templates screen find the Javascript template that you want to customize and click on it. In this example we click on the Highcharts Line chart

JavaScript Chart Template Editor

In the JavaScript Chart Template Editor make your customized changes in the JavaScript Code section

JavaScript Code

Find the section of the JavaScript code to customize. In this example we will make changes to the JavaScript code so that series data will show multiple series instead of just one.

JavaScript Code - customized

In this example we changed the JavaScript code so that the series data now expects an exact multiple number of series

JavaScript Code - save changes

Click Save button to save your changes. Now you can create JavaScript charts from this template, using your customizations.


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