PowerPoint Presentation (Create / Custom Templates)

Metric Insights provides you with a very easy and intuitive way to create a PowerPoint Presentation of any number of Metrics and External Reports (Visualizations).  You first must have a Favorite Folder containing those elements that should be included into your presentation.

This example shown in this article is based on the assumption that you already have a Favorite Folder that can be used as a source of content for presentation. For details on creating a Favorite folder, refer to: Add (or Delete) Elements to a Favorites folder

Reports with data collected on-demand and data tables are currently NOT supported in PowerPoint Presentations.

To learn more about on-demand data collection, see: Collecting Data on Report Request.

Use Case: Generate a .ppt Presentation

  1. On the Homepage > Left Sidebar > Favorite Folders section select the required folder. To create a new Favorite folder, go to the User Preferences menu > My Favorites > [+ New favorite Folder]
  2. Move to the upper right corner of the screen and click Manage > Download PPT.
  3. Choose which Template should be used for generating a Presentation. To create a new custom template, see below.
  4. Click Download.

The system will generate a .ppt presentation. Once it is ready, you can find it in Downloads folder on your computer.

Create a Custom .ppt Template
  1. To create a new Template for downloading Power Point presentations, access:
  1. Click [+ New template]

Provide a Template Name

Provide a Template Name and, optionally, Description.

Save your entries.

Template Settings

  1. Include favorite slide: Choose whether you want a Favorite Folder's name to be shown on the first slide of the presentation
  2. Include notes / comments: Choose whether you want collaboration items to be included into presentation. For more details, refer to: Collaborative Items
  3. Custom image size: If you want to define a custom size of images to be included in this presentation, choose 'Yes' and populate Image width and Image height fields below.
  4. Font color: Choose the color to be applied to Favorite Folder and element titles in the presentation.
  5. Template file: Optionally, upload a .ppt presentation template. You can download a default template from the field below.

Save your entries.

Samples of Default / Custom Templates

Let's take one Favorite Folder and generate example Presentations by using a Default Template and a Template with Custom options.

Default Template

Custom Template


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