Create a Dimensioned Element that has only a Total Tile

Since there may be a lot of Dimension Values with a chart per each of them, in order not to clutter your Homepage you may want to only display a 'Total' tile providing access to other Dimension Values. This approach will be applied to all Metrics associated with the Dimension.  There is no way to selectively apply to only one of several Metrics that uses the Dimension.


  • Use a Dimension that includes a 'Total' Dimension Value
  • Make sure that all Dimension Values are set to Show as Tile for 'No'

The required settings are illustrated in the steps below.

1. Homepage before Update

  1. Click the Gear icon on one of the Tiles related to this dimension element to open the Metric Editor
  2. In the Info tab verify the assigned Dimension

2. Access the required Dimension Editor

In the Info tab verify the following configurations:

  1. Verify that the Combines existing Dimensions field is set to 'no'
  2. Verify that Include "total" Dimension Value is set to 'yes'
  3. Verify that Show as Tile option is set to 'N' for each Dimension Value

2.1. Verify the 'Show as tile' default configurations in the Advanced tab

Verify that Dimension Value "show as tile" default is set to 'no'

2.2. Set the Total Dimension Value to "Show as Tile" to "Yes"

  1. In the Info tab click the Gear icon to edit the 'Country Total' Dimension Value
  2. Set Show as Tile to 'yes'

3. Open Metric Editor for elements dimensioned by Country

  1. Open the Associations tab
  2. Select the Element from the grid to open its Editor
  3. Click Update the Chart (re-generate)

4. Homepage after Update

  1. Only the TOTAL Country Dimension will be available on the Homepage.
  2. Charts for other Dimension Values can be accessed from drop-down list in the Viewer.