Element Naming Template for Dimensions

This article describes how to set up a Naming Template for the Dimension. This Template defines how the names of the Elements to which this Dimension is applied will look like.

1. Open Dimension Editor

Access Content > Dimension and select an existing Dimension from the list or create a new one

Add Dimension Values manually, load them from the file or using other methods. For more information refer to one of the following articles:

2. Go to Advanced Tab

  1. Element Name Template: This is the field where you can set the template
  2. An existing Template can be chosen from the list in the drop-down menu
  3. To edit the chosen Template click on the gear icon and proceed to the Template Editor
  4. A new Template can be added either by clicking the plus icon or or by choosing the "Add New Template" option in the drop-down menu

3. Adding New Element Name Template

  1. Type: Select the Dimension type. If you choose "compound" here, the Secondary Dimension options appear
  2. Click Add element name to add Element's name to the Template. You can choose to make it bold or italic
  3. Click Add Dimension display value to add Dimension Value to the Template. You can choose to make it bold or italic
  4. You can experiment with the placement of prefixes, suffixes and parameters to ensure a meaningful name is displayed

[Save] to add Template to the list.

3.1. Check Templates List

New template is automatically selected for use.