Apply a User Map to a Dataset

User Maps allow defining the slices of data that specific users are allowed to see in the Dataset Viewer and the Report Viewer for any Reports created from that Dataset.

It functions as a stencil applied to a Viewers for Data and Reports, showing only allowed data and hiding the rest of it, but this 'stencil' may be different for different users in accordance with access settings defined in the User Map.

Prior to Version 5.5, Admin Users had unlimited access to all elements in Metric Insights. New in Version 5.5,  when User maps are applied to Datasets the User map will control view access for All Users including Admin Users!

New Settings on the Dataset Viewer and Dataset Report Editor allow the User Map data filter to be applied OFF  by Users with Edit Access. Toggling the Apply User Map off will not prevent the User Map from being applied in the Report Viewer or any Notifications (such as Digests and Burst) sent to Users.

A User Map limits the data visible but it does NOT affect overall access. Report and Dataset access continues to be governed by the Metric Insights Security Model for Datasets or  Elements for Power and Regular Users.


Dataset and a User Map corresponding to the elements in the Dataset.

1. Applying a User Map to the Dataset (access Content> Dataset)

On the Access tab of Dataset Editor:

  1. Access Mode: set to 'only specified rows'
  2. User Map: select the previously created User Map from the drop-down list. User Map must contain Usernames in the first column and another column(s) that specify columns in the Dataset
  3. Column Mapping: define the parameters map the elements in the Dataset to those in the User Map
  4. At the upper right corner of the screen click Update Data.

According to the User Map  'Arlen' has access to data for Countries of Canada, Germany and United Kingdom, but only for the Channel = 'website visit'.