Announcement Security

As of Release 5.4, there are two Announcement Privileges in the Power User Content Security grouping.  These Privileges may be granted to a Group or to a Power User but not to a Regular User.  These Privileges allow a Power User to create, edit and determine where an Announcement will be shown.

NOTE:  Post Release 6.0, additional Privileges will be available.

  1. Create Announcements
    1. Type:  Parent
    2. Description:   Allows Power User to access Announcement list page and to add/change/delete Announcements that this user creates and associate Elements to which Power User has Edit Access"
  2. Show Announcements on Homepage
    1. Type:  Child of Create Announcements
    2. Description:  Power User can set the Announcement Editor option that allows it to be displayed on the Homepage.      
    3. Processing:  When this Privilege is added, Power User automatically receives the "Create Announcements" Privilege


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