Granting Power User Access to API Toolkit

In Metric Insights, Power Users have to be granted a specific Privilege to be able to use an API Toolkit. This article describes the steps an Administrator should take to give the Power User Use access to an API Toolkit.

Granting Use Access

Use Access permits the Power User to see the API Toolkit entry in the Admin menu and execute test requests against an API created by an Administrator.

A Power User can get access to an API Toolkit individually or inherit it from the Group he/she is a member of. For more details about granting Access to the Group, check the Assigning Privileges and Permissions to the Group article.

Access Admin > Users & Groups and click on the PU's Active Name link to open the User Editor

NOTE: "Use API Toolkit" Privilege can be a part of a Privilege Set. Assigning Privilege Sets rather than specific Privileges is recommended in Metric Insights, so check the Privileges List at the bottom of the page. If the "Use API Toolkit" Privilege is not in the list, proceed with this step.

  1. On the Info tab scroll the page to the Privileges section
  2. [+Privilege To User]
  3. Filter the list by "api"
  4. Find the "Use API Toolkit" Privilege and select the checkbox
  5. [Save]

A Power User must have Edit Access to the Object to which an API Toolkit is applied. For more details about hoe to grant the Power User Edit Access to a specific Object, check the Controlling Access within Metric Insights chapter.

You are done. Great job!