Status Monitor Page

The Status Monitor page provides details on how your Metric Insights system is functioning, as explained below.

Access Admin > Status Monitor

  1. Setting the Notifications to off stops all system notifications (Alerts, Bursts, Favorite Digests; described at My Notifications (Overview, Set up, urn on / off) from being sent to any User.

The tiles which are colored in red represent certain error and should be fixed.

Number assigned on a screen
System load average
This metric allows estimating how busy your system’s CPU, disk, and other resources are. The numbers are taken from the Linux “load average”data and can be as well monitored in the console by running the “uptime” command. Higher numbers represent a problem or an overloaded machine.
Elements running
The elements where data is currently collected.
Overdue Triggers
Check out the Data Collection Triggers to see Fix recommendations: Overdue Trigger
Aborted Data Collection
Data collection processes were aborted due to timeout or DB/Server crash. To find out which of the Data Collection processes have been aborted, click See Details. To increase the data collection timeout, access Data Collection Editor > Trigger Configuration > Expire data collection after _ minutes.
Queued Emails
Even if caused by one common event (Alert, Report, etc.), email notifications are not sent all at once. They are sent in portions with up to a couple of minutes intervals. The number of emails which queud for sending is displayed in this tile.
Email server
Metric Insights offers an ability to send and receive system emails on different servers. To set up both of them, go to Admin > Utilities > Config Variables and enter the following keywords for the respective result:
  • RECV_MAIL - 6 variables
  • SEND_MAIL - 6 variables
8 Elements with Errors
This box informs you how many of your elements are throwing errors during data collection. Fix recommendations: Elements with Error
9 Notifications are ON / OFF
Know who and when changed the system-wide settings for Notifications last. For more details: My Notifications (Overview, Set up, Turn on / off) 
10 Hostname
Server name. Hostname variable at Admin > Utilities > Config Variables should correspond to the actual hostname.
11 Cron
Make sure that the task planner is running. 
12 LDAP Enabled
To set up LDAP in Metric Insights, refer to: Configuring LDAP Authentication
13 Logging This tile indicates whether the logging is performed correctly.
INode State
Defines whether there is enough space for file name descriptors.
15 MySQL Parameters
These are the key MySQL parameters which indicate server activity. These parameters may be requested by Metric Insights support team.


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